Here’s what you missed this weekend!

Glen Helen took a break from MX racing this past weekend for a Tough Mudder experience. Many individuals stepped outside of their comfort zone, faced their fears, pushed their bodies to their limits, and crossed the finish line. This event consisted of sprinting up and down hills and completing 30+ challenging obstacles over 10 miles. You did it, champions!

Other Important News!

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This week’s schedule!

Tuesday, April 12
Gates are open from 9am-5pm

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MX Practice
Main, Vet & Stadiumcross Tracks!
$30 per bikePee Wee Track
$20 per bike

UTV/Quad/Trophy Kart Practice – Truck Track
$30 per UTV/Quad

Thursday, April 14
Gates are open from 8am-2pm

MX Practice
Main, Vet & Stadiumcross Tracks!
$30 per bike

Pee Wee Track
$20 per bike

Friday, April 15
Gates are open from 7am-8pm

Two-Stroke MX World Championships – Practice Day
Gate fees $30 per bike | $20 per Peewee bike
Camping $10 per night
Sign-up (Main scoring tower) 1pm-4pm

Practice #1                    Open                                         9am-10am

Practice #2                    Beg/Nov                                    10am-10:30am

Practice #3                    Pros/Int/Exp                              10:30am-11am

Practice #4                    85/65cc Main Track                  11:am-11:30am

Practice #5                    Beg/Nov                                    11:30am-12pm

Practice #6                    Pros/Int/Exp                              12pm-12:30pm

Practice #7                    85/65cc Main Track                   12:30-1:00pm

Practice #8                    Open                                          1:00pm-2pm

50cc and 65cc Peewee Practice on Vet Tracks          10am-2pm


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Saturday, April 16
Gates are open from 6am-5pm

Two-Stroke MX World Championships – Race DayGate fees $20 per person
Camping $10 per night
Practice starts at 7:30amOpen Practice (8 minutes)
All Exp/Int
All Novice/Beg
All 60+, 50+ Women and Vintage
All 40+, 30+, 25+
85cc/65cc Full Track
All Pros Open and 125

Practice starts at 9:30am for 50cc and 65cc Beg

Racing starts at 10:30am for 50cc and 65cc Beg


Sunday, April 17


*Times and events are subject to change.
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