Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum age I have to be to race?

25 years old as of November 5, 2022

If I am a 50+ Expert rider, can I also race in the 45+ Intermediate class?

We will NOT be allowing riders to race in a different skill level classes by racing with a younger age group. You can ride with a younger group but you must always stay at the same skill level.

NEW This is a 3 Moto format Saturday and Sunday, how does it work?

Three Moto format this year! Racing will start on Saturday for all amateur classes and continue until Sunday.  We will race all of moto 1 and half of moto 2 on Saturday, then the rest on Sunday. All 3 Motos will determine the Dubya Vet World MX Championships!

Where is staging for practice and racing?

New this year we are staging everyone for practice and racing in the staging area just south of the starting gate. Look for the banners on vendor row that say “STAGING”. No bikes will be allowed to enter the track near the museum.

Can my buddy and I share a bike if we are in 2 different classes?

Yes, be sure to let the ladies know at registration

What are the Fees?

Gates Fees                                      $20 per person

Camping Fees                                $20 per night per vehicle

Practice Thurs and Friday          $30 per bike

What days and hours can I register? Click Event Schedule HERE

What are the event times? Click Event Schedule HERE

What are the race times? Click Race Schedule HERE

What are the practice times? Click Practice Schedule HERE

What do I need to know about the Edison Dye Award?

Recipient:  Jeremy McGrath

Meet n’ Greet/Happy Hour: Saturday, November 5th 4pm

Edison Dye Award Ceremony: Saturday, November 5th 5pm

Location: Glen Helen Raceway Museum

Will there be an autographic signing time?

Yes, right after ceremony

Will you have live scoring?

Yes – www.glenhelen.com

Will there be any vendors at the event?

Yes, several different companies will be there selling and displaying products.

Will you be selling any World Vet or Glen Helen apparel?

Yes, the official Dubya World Vet Championships T-Shirts and GHR apparel will be sold on Sat and Sun. Located at the official Glen Helen Souvenir Tent.

Will there be food and/or beer on-site for purchase?

Yes, Food and Beer vendors will be at the facility- You may also bring in your own food and Beverage.

Are there Restrooms and Showers?

Yes, permanent and portable restrooms will be available. We have also recently installed 2 showers located directly behind the main restrooms.