Glen Helen is proud to share the layout of this weekends’ 24-Hour Endurance Race. On October 9th at 10am, riders will line up to tackle this challenging 8-mile course as it winds around Talladega, up and down the hills of Glen Helen, under the Yamaha bridge, and through the Glen Helen Amphitheater.
Amateur teams – 6 rider team and two bikes (one bike remains impounded at all times)
Pro teams – 4 riders and one bike
Iron man – 1 rider
All teams must have the same number on both bikes are required to have reflectors. A transponder must be attached to the bike on the course at all times, so each time you change out bikes you must move the transponder to the new bike. Pits will be located south of the Glen Helen Museum, down the main road behind the starting gate, and up through the pro pits.

We want to give a special thanks to Gary Jones, Ron Lawson, and Andrew Yarnell for this year’s 24-Hour Endurance Race track layout.

Don’t forget, we will also provide a FREE pancake breakfast on October 10th at 5am. We encourage everyone at the raceway to stop by the Glen Helen Museum and enjoy deliciously cooked pancakes, orange juice, brewed coffee, fresh fruit, and more!
Are you up for the ultimate challenge? Early online registration closes tonight, so get your friends and family together and sign up your team now!