Wiseco 2-Stroke World Championships hosted by Fasthouse

March 30, 2024

Schedule of Events

Friday March 29, 2024

Gates Open                                                                                                7am-8pm

 2-Stroke Only MX Practice National Track                          9am-2pm

Practice Schedule

Practice #1                    Open                                                                  9am-10am

Practice #2                    Beg/Nov                                                          10am-10:30am

Practice #3                    Pros/Int/Exp                                                 10:30am-11am

Practice #4                    85/65cc Main Track                                     11:00am-11:30am

Practice #5                    Beg/Nov                                                           11:30am-12pm

Practice #6                    Pros/Int/Exp                                                  12pm-12:30pm

Practice #7                    85/65cc Main Track                                     12:30-1:00pm

Practice #8                    Open                                                               1:00pm-2pm

Arroyo Vet Track   Practice                                                      10am-2pm

Practice #1                    Open                                                                  10am-11am

Practice #2                    65cc/85cc/50cc Full Course                        11am-11:30am

Practice #3                    50cc (modified Course                                  11:30am-12pm

Practice #4                    Vintage Bikes                                                 12:00pm-12:30pm

Practice #5                    65/85/50cc Full Course                              12:30pm-1:00pm

Practice #6                    50cc Modified Course                                 1:00pm-1:30pm

Practice #7                    Vintage Bike                                                 1:30pm-2:00pm

Stadiumcross and Stacyc Track – Schedule

Practice Stacyc and Stadiumcross Track                                                 2pm-4pm

Stacyc Races           Stacyc Track                                                              4pm – 5pm

Electric Bike/Pits Races -Stadiumcross Track                                       5pm -7pm

Gate Fees

$30 per bike for Practice

$20 per bike Peewee Track Practice

$20 per person admission

$20 per night camping

Sign-up    (Main Scoring tower)  12pm-4pm

Post Entry Fees    $90 first class/$80 Second Class

Saturday March 30, 2024 –Race Day Schedule

Gates Open

Sign-up (Main Scoring tower)                                                                                6:30am

Post Entry Fees   $80 first class/$70 Second Class

Practice                                                                                                                       7:30am

Rider Meeting over PA                                                                                  After Practice

National Anthem                                                                                             Before 1st Race

Racing                                                                                                                         After Practice

Open 2-Stroke Pro                                                                                                      Moto 4

Pasha 125 Pro Race                                                                                                  Moto 8

Race Schedule                                                                               Will be posted March 20, 2024

Awards after Racing in Musuem

St Louis Supercross Party in Museum                                                               5pm-8pm


Practice Starts 7:30am ( 8 minutes Approx)

  1. All Exp/Int
  2. All Novice/Beg
  3. All +60 yrs ,+50 yrs women and Vintage
  4. All ,+40 yrs ,+30 yrs , +25 yrs
  5. 85cc /65cc Full Track
  6. All Pros Open and Pasha 125 Classes

Arroyo Vet Track – Practice and Race Schedule

           Classes on Vet Track

Practice 9:00am (10 minute Practice Sessions)

  1. All Vintage Bikes
  2. 65cc Beg/ 65cc 1st timers
  3. 85cc Beg/85 1st timers
  4. 50cc Full Couse
  5. 50cc Modified Course

Racing   10:30am

Race Schedule will be posted  March 20, 2023

(2 - Moto Format)

Trophy Presentation after the Races in the Museum

More info lori@glenhelen.com

 Pre-Entries go online Feb 1,2024

Pre-Entries go online  -Save money $$$$

Pre-Entries $60 1st Class / $50 Second Class Feb 1st -28th

$80 1st class / $70 second Class  March 1-March 25th




Live Results www.glenhelen.com – Radio 90.9


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