The iconic Two-Stroke MX World Championship is almost here! Dust off your two-stroke and let’s smell that smoke!

This event has been an annual fan and competitor favorite at Glen Helen for years, with people traveling from different cities, states, and even countries to get their two-stroke motocross fix.

In 2021, countless well-known riders placed first overall in various classes such as Vicki Golden, Justin Hoeft, Robbie Wageman, Sean Collier, Kurt Nicoll, and many more! We’re excited to see some of these familiar faces again this year.

Who will bring home the purse money in April? Thanks to Fasthouse and Pasha Racing, the pro purse has grown to $25,000! Pre-register today for a chance to be a two-stroke champion!

$50 First Class      $80 First Class
$40 Second Class      $70 Second Class

Don’t wait, pre-register now to save up to $30!

Visit us at for rules and more information.


2021 Two-Stroke MX World Championships Overall Finishers

Women’s Overall: Vicki Golden


Pasha 125 Open Pro Overall: Justin Hoeft


Open Two-Stroke Pro Overall: Robbie Wageman


Pasha 30+ 125 Pro Overall: Sean Collier


Pasha 50+ 125 Pro Overall: Kurt Nicoll