Many of you have been asking about REM Saturday MX, who is taking over, and if there will there be any changes. Glen Helen Raceway is excited to announce that we will be taking over the Saturday MX schedule that was previously promoted by REM. While we won’t be keeping the name, not much else will be changing with the format, just a couple of exceptions to begin with.

We will be adding in youth classes for all skill levels and we will also be announcing the race schedule as early as Wednesday prior to the race day. The schedule will break down the race times for each class and when your first moto will race.

The first-ever Saturday MX at the Glen Spring Series will be held on April 2nd. The Spring Series will consist of four rounds and trophies will be awarded at the end of the series to the winners of each class. For those that prefer to arrive early, a short practice will be held in the morning, otherwise there will be a practice lap before each race during the first round of motos.

For each event, gates will open at 6am with a $10 charge per person. Practice will commence at 8am and the first race will start at 9am. Pre-entry fees are $30 per class and post-entry fees are $40 per class. Save some money and register for round one now!

Tentative Race Schedule
Practice starts at 8am
(Each practice will consist of 3 laps)

Practice 1 – All 65+, 60+ All Skills
Practice 2 – All 250,450,125 All Skills
Practice 3 – All 50+,40+, 30+ All Skills
Practice 4 – All Youth Classes 85,65, 50cc

Race # 1st Motos Classes Time Per Race
1 9am Gate 1 65+ Exp / Int 15 Minutes
Gate 2 60+ Novice / 65+ Novice 15 minutes
2 9:25am Gate 1 85cc 15 Minutes
Gate 2 65cc / 50cc 15 Minutes
3 9:50am Gate 1 450cc / 250cc Exp / Int 20 minutes
Gate 2 30+ / 40+ Exp/Int 20 Minutes
4 10:20am Gate 1 50+ Exp 15 Minutes
Gate 2 50+ Int 15 Minutes
5 10:45am Gate 1 450cc Nov / Beg 15 Minutes
Gate 2 250 Beg / Nov All 125cc 15 mInutes
6 11:10am Gate 1 30+ / 40+ Novice 15 Minutes
Gate 2 50+ Novice 15 Minutes
*Times and schedules are subject to change
  • 1st motos will have a parade lap before the race
  • 2nd motos will not have a parade lap
  • No break between motos

Saturday MX at the Glen Spring Series
April 2nd – Vet Track
April 30th – Vet Track
May 7th – Vet Track
May 14th – Main Track

Register now and stay updated with us at!