• Date: April 3 – 

DATE SATURDAY April 3, 2021

Pre-Entries go online  -Save money $$$$

Pre-Entries $50 1st Class / $40 Second Class



$10, 000 Pro Purse – Open 2 Stroke Pro $8,000 and

Pasha 125  Open Pro Purse $4000

Pasha 125  Open Pro   30+ and 50+ $2000  Pro Purse per class 

Schedule of Events

Friday April 2, 2021

Gates Open                                                                                 7am-8pm

2-Stroke Only MX Practice                                                     9am-2pm

Practice Schedule

Practice #1                    Open                                                    9am-10am

Practice #2                    Beg/Nov                                            10am-10:30am

Practice #3                    Pros/Int/Exp                                    10:30am-11am

Practice #4                    85/65cc Main Track                       11:am-11:30am

Practice #5                    Beg/Nov                                            11:30am-12pm

Practice #6                    Pros/Int/Exp                                   12pm-12:30pm

Practice #7                    85/65cc Main Track                        12:30-1:00pm

Practice #8                    Open                                                  1:00pm-2pm


50cc and 65cc Peewee Practice on Vet/Peewee Tracks        10am-2pm

Gate Fees                                                                                $30 per bike for practice

Pre-Sale Gate Fees (admission) Recommended


$20 per person admission

$10 per night camping

Sign-up    (Main Scoring tower)                                              1pm-4pm

Post Entry Fees                                                                       $80 first class/$70 Second Class

Saturday April 3, 2021

Gates Open                                                                             6am-5pm

Gate Fees                                                                                $10 per person admission

$10 per night camping

Sign-up (Main Scoring tower)                                             6:30am

Post Entry Fees                                                                  $80 first class/$70 Second Class

Practice                                                                                      8am

Rider Meeting over PA                                                          After PRactice

National Anthem                                                                  Before 1st Race

Racing                                                                                      After Practice

Open Pro Moto                                                                         Race 4 20 min Plus 1 lap

125 Pro Moto                                                                            Race 8 – 20 min

Race Schedule Posted after Practice

Live Results www.glenhelen.com – Radio 90.9



Practice Starts 8am ( 8minutes Approx)


  • All Exp/Int 
  • All Novice/Beg 
  • All +60 yrs ,+50 yrs women and Vintage 
  • All ,+40 yrs ,+30 yrs , +25 yrs 
  • 85cc /65cc Full Track 
  • All Pros Open and 125 

Complete Race Schedule will be posted after Practice

**ZIP Ty Racing** will be sponsoring the 50cc/65cc Beg

Race on special designed track REM/Peewee combined.

Practice 9:30am – for 50cc and 65cc Beg

Racing   10:30am – for 50cc and 65cc Beg

Race Schedule will be posted after practice

(2 – Moto Format)

Trophy Presentation after the Races by the Track

More info on the event call Lori -909-384-9342


2021 -Wiseco 2-Stroke MX Championships hosted by Fasthouse


  • Following classes are offered at 2-Stroke MX Championships

Please sign-up in the correct class- Any questions on what classes to sign-up in, please ask at sign-up or call in advance 909-384-9342.

2-Stroke Adult Classes


  1. 125cc Beg, Nov, Int – 122cc-150cc
  2. 125cc Pro    – 122cc-150cc
  3. 250cc -Beg, Nov, Int, Exp – 201cc-250cc
  4. Open Pro 122cc-Open
  5. Open Beg, Nov, Int 122cc-Open
  6. 25+ years Nov, Int, Exp 122cc-Open
  7. 30+ years Nov, Int, Exp 122cc-Open
  8. 40+ years Nov, Int, Exp 122cc-Open
  9. 50+ years Nov, Int, Exp 122cc-Open
  10. 60+ years Nov, Int, Exp 122cc-Open
  11. 70+ years ALL Skills 122cc-Open
  12. Pasha 40+ years 125cc 122cc-150cc
  13. Vintage Two-Stroke 98cc-Open
  14. Women All 122cc-Open

2 -Stroke Youth Classes

  • 85cc 14-16 yrs 85cc (No  Big Wheels)
  • 85cc 12-13 yrs 85cc (No  Big Wheels)
  • 85cc 9-11 yrs 85cc (No  Big Wheels)
  • 85cc first timer 85cc (No  Big Wheels)
  • Supermini 85cc-112cc (Big Wheels allowed)
  • 65cc 9-11 yrs 65cc (Vet/Peewee Track)
  • 65cc 6-8yrs 65cc (Vet/Peewee Track)
  • 65cc First timer 65cc (Vet/Peewee Track)
  • 50cc 4-6 yrs 50cc (Vet/Peewee Track)
  • 50cc 7-8 yrs 50cc (Vet/Peewee Track)
  • 50cc first timers 50cc (Vet/Peewee Track)

Race Procedure

  • Every rider must check -in at sign -Sign-up is location at the main tower on the national track
  1. Riders will need to sign release forms
  2. Riders that are minors must have a parent or legal guardian come with them to sign-up and sign releases
  3. Riders will be issued a transponder must have DL – DL will be kept until the transponder is returned
  4. Riders that have their transponder make sure to have the 7 digits number or the transponder when you come to sign-up

Start and Race Procedure

  • Gate Pick for the 1st round of Motos will Be in the order you Pre-Entries are received and then Post Entries.
  • The gate pick will be posted at the starting gate and at sign-up
  • Make sure to arrive at the starting gate at least 2 races before you event to be guarantee your gate pick
  • Second round Moto gate pick will be based on your first moto finish
  • No farming tools in front of the gate
  • All Crew members must leave the starting line area when the 30 second board goes up
  • Most races will be 2 gate drops – MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR GATE DROP- if the rider leaves on the wrong gate it is automatic 1 lap penalty
  • Yellow flag waving means to slow down – down rider- If riders jumps or passes on yellow flag, they will be penalized positions or laps.
  • Red flag – Stop racing and return to the starting line
  • Black flag- If you receive a black flag leave the racetrack – you are disqualified
  • White Flag – 1 Lap left in the race
  • Checkered Flag – Race is over
  • Riders that want to protest – have 30 minutes after their race results are posted to file a protest at the scoring tower.


  • Scoring is done by transponders and hand scoring
  • Riders that have issues with the scoring have 30 minutes from when the results are posted to request a review of the scoring. The race results become official after 30 minutes after the results are posted.
  • Live scoring is available during the race at http://live.tracksideresults.com/glenhelen/liveresults.asp
  • Lap times will be available upon request at the sign-up tower
  • All results and lap times will be posted online after the event


  • Live Radio Broadcast 90.9