Mike Alessi is one of many confirmed professional racers that will compete at the Wiseco Two-Stroke MX World Championships hosted by Fasthouse on April 16th, 2022!

The professional motocross and supercross racer, Mike Alessi, otherwise known as Mr. Holeshot, became a professional competitor at the age of sixteen. He has been racing for over 18 years and continues to make his mark in off-road racing.

Alessi and his family are “regulars” at Glen Helen where he often comes to battle his way to the checkered flag. He placed first in the 2016 Two-Stroke MX World Championships and has had trouble holding the title ever since. In 2020, he took first overall in the Open Pro and Pasha 30+ 125 Pro therefore headlining, “Mike Alessi is $30,000 Richer.”

Thanks to Fasthouse and Pasha Racing, the pro purse currently stands at a whopping $25,000! There’s only one way to find out who will win big at this nail-biting event and that’s by locking in your admission. Let’s go racing!

Pro Riders Confirmed for the Two-Stroke MX World Championships

Ryan Surratt
Josh Mosiman
Kai Aiello
Zach Osborne
Mike Alessi
Trevor Stewart
Dare DeMartile
…and more!
$50 First Class      $80 First Class
$40 Second Class      $70 Second Class
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Mike Alessi placed first overall in 2016
Photo by: Motocross Action Magazine
In 2020, Alessi took first overall in Open Pro and Pasha 30+ 125 Pro
Photo by: Motocross Action Magazine