Glen Helen Raceway and 3 Bros Racing are hosting the 24-Hour Endurance Race from October 9th through October 10th. This series is one of the toughest and longest in off-road history! There will be twelve different classes racing at the event. The pro, family, business, ironman, and many more will be competing. The pro team is only allowed four riders, one bike. All other classes are allowed six riders and two bikes. Lastly, the ironman will consist of only one rider.

Trophies will be awarded to the top 30% in each class and all riders will receive one award. The overall award will be for teams that have raced in the 6-hour, 10-hour, and 24-hour endurance series. They will also be announced as the overall first-place champions. The presentation will take place at the Glen Helen Museum, 30 minutes after the event.

We will also be hosting our traditional sunrise breakfast at the museum. We encourage everyone at the raceway to join us for freshly cooked pancakes, fruit, orange juice, coffee, and more! Don’t miss this historic race starting on October 9th at 10am to October 10th at 10am.

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