The 37th Annual Dubya World Vet Motocross Championships is only 4-days away, and we have over 900 pre-entries for this prestigious event.

In spite of the travel restrictions overseas, there will be 15 countries competing. These countries include Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Australia, Brazil, England, and Ireland, to name a few.

This year’s event will have riders from all over the United States. Many will be traveling from Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Montana, Kansas, Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee, and many more states!

The Dubya World Vet Cup of Nations has a two-moto format with Moto 1 racing on Saturday, November 6th, and Moto 2 on November 7th. Each team will line up on the start gate in their age group, 30+ on the first gate, 40+ on the second gate, and 50+ on the third gate. Riders will all receive race bibs indicating the country they represent and color to indicate their age group. The scoring is based on all three riders and both motos, with the lowest score of the two-moto format determining the winning team and country.

Make sure to come out to experience the exciting race action. Also, don’t miss the unique Edison Dye Award Presentation at 12pm. We will be honoring the 2021 recipient, Mark Blackwell, on Sunday, November 7th at the Glen Helen Museum. Plan to arrive early to get the best seats in the house!

We are looking forward to getting together for a weekend full of racing. See you there!