This past weekend Glen Helen Raceway welcomed the Wiseco 2-Stroke MX World Championships hosted by Fasthouse, an event that showcased the best of 2-stroke motocross racing. The event had a great turnout with over 800 racers competing along with a massive crowd of motocross enthusiasts who came out to witness the action-packed event.



The weekend kicked off with practice sessions on Friday, where riders had the chance to get a feel for the track and make any necessary adjustments to their bikes. Saturday saw the start of the main event, with riders from around the world competing in a range of categories, from amateur to pro.



The racing was fierce and competitive, with riders pushing themselves to the limit to try and secure victory. The atmosphere was electric, with fans cheering on their favorite riders and soaking up the excitement of the event.



In addition to the amazing turnout at the event itself, we are thrilled to announce that the Wiseco 2-Stroke MX World Championships hosted by Fasthouse was also live-streamed on the Dirt Bike Magazine YouTube channel, garnering nearly 70,000 views. This online presence allowed fans from around the world to tune in and experience the excitement of the event, showcasing the 2-stroke dirtbike culture that many people love to watch. We are grateful to our online viewers for their support, and we hope to continue to provide exciting live motocross content to our fans on future events!



The event was a hit, with a great turnout and fantastic performances from all the riders. Glen Helen Raceway would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support the event, as well as the sponsors, volunteers, and staff who helped make it all possible.



Overall, the Wiseco 2-Stroke MX World Championships hosted by Fasthouse was a tremendous success, and everyone involved should be proud of what we accomplished. We look forward to next year’s event and can’t wait to see what new excitement and challenges it will bring.