Pictured Above: Sean Lipanovich (505) won the “Saturday at the Glen” 450 Pro class with a 1-1.

The slightly cooler weather made for a great weekend of racing!

This Saturday marked the beginning of Saturday MX @ the Glen – Fall Series. It was also the awards presentation for the Summer Series of Saturday MX at the Glen.

Saturday morning also made for very completive racing, especially in the 60 Expert class. Robert Reisinger took the win over Ed Guajardo. The key to Reisinger’s win was his powerful second moto charge. This solidified his overall win, with 2-1 moto finishes.

Sunday’s SRA GP had over 300 entries. Each participant took on the challenging 4 mile course that included hills, washes, and challenging race track! SRA GP is always great family and friends event! Thank you to all who participated and came out to watch!

Congrats Chase Sexton who won the Motocross 450 Class at Ironman National!

As well as, congrats to Jett Lawrence and his win at the 250 Class at Ironman National!

Other Important News!

Don’t Miss Out! The next round of the Platinum Futures, “Dusk to Dirt” Stacyc Racing Series is  Saturday, September 10, 2022! For more information, visit their webiste, here!

Swap Moto’s Terra Firm Triple Crown Round 3 will take place on September 11th. Click the button below to register today!

Mark your calendars for OTHG’s 7th Annual 9-11 Memorial MX Race! For more information, visit our event page, here!

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This week’s schedule!

Tuesday, August 30,2022
Gates are open from 9am-5pm

Main, Vet, and Peewee Track
$30 per bike
IMPORTANT!!! 50cc bikes are not allowed on the Main Track
Pee Wee Track
$20 per bikeUTV/Quad Practice-Truck Track
$30 per UTV/Quad

Thursday, September 1, 2022
Gates are open from 8am-6:30pm

MX Practice
Main, Vet, and Peewee Track
$30 per bike
IMPORTANT!!! 50cc bikes are not allowed on the Main Track

Pee Wee Track
$20 per bike

Stacyc Track
$5 per Stacyc
Practice is from 2pm-6pm

Stadiumcross Track
$20 per bike
Mini Practice is from 5pm-7pm

Saturday, September 3, 2022
Gates are open from 6am-2pm

GBC Quad X Series – Main Track
Practice 8:30am
Racing 9:30am 
Admission Fees $10 per person
Racing Fees $40 pre Entries/$50 Post Entries
Click Here to Pre-Register

MX Practice –Vet and Peewee Tracks
$30 per Bike/50cc $20

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Gates are open at 6am
MX Practice
Gates Open 8am
Main, Vet, and Peewee Track
Practice Fees $30 per bike and 50cc $20