Agusti Vall, 57 years old, 
Multi-Time Spanish MX and Enduro Champion, Raced Paris to Dakar
Xavi Costa, 54 years old, 
Multi –Time Catalan MX Champion
Joaquim Sundol, 57 years old, 
2017 World Vet 50+ Intermediate 2nd place














TEAM Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

Team Captain Carlobi Velez, 42 years old, 
2016 World Vet MC Championship 30+ Novice 2nd Place
Nick Luciano, 48 years old, 
2016 World Vet MX championship 40+ Novice 3rd place
Eddie Jaramillo, 58 years old, 
World Vet MX Championships Top 10 2016,2017,2018 50+Expert













Team Captain David O’Connor, 39 years old, 
Race World Vet 9 years
Kenny Powers, 48 years old,  Member of Vet Des Nations for Ireland
Garry Sullivan, 52 years old, 
Raced 11th times Farleigh Castle Vet Race













TEAM Holland 🇳🇱

Team Captain –Ralf Schmidt, 46 years old, 
Races Every weekend at Glen Helen !  “The Dutchman”
Rowdy Wagenaar, 48 years old, 
2017 raced World Vets
Wagenaar, 5 years old, 
Team Mascot – Very Slow
















Team Captain Richard Hurtado, 51 years old, 
2018 World Vet 50 Novice 11th Place
Chris Wallace, 36 years old, 
2018 World Vet 35+ Novice 3rd Place















Team Captain: Josh Grant, 33 years old,  30+ Pro Class at World Vet MX cup. Josh Grant is from Riverside, California a favorite rider to everyone at Glen Helen.  He turned pro in 2004 and has ridden for several different teams throughout his career. He has won several races and has countless podiums during his AMA Career.
Greg Schnell, 43 years old,  40+ Pro class at World Vet MX Cup. This SoCal kid was a blazing fast talent who took the motocross by storm in a career that spanned from 1994 to 2007! Ton of success including 1 125 supercross wins.
Doug Dubach, 53 years old, 50+ Pro class World Vet MX Cup Doug has won the most World Vet MX Championships than any other rider.  He is the owner of DR D Exhausts and also test riders for several OEMs and Magazines.






















Team Captain, 46 years old, AJ Heckart
2018 OTMX 40 Expert Champion and leading the point this year in 40 Master
Brandon Kirkendal, 36 years old, 
2018 World Vet Finish top 10 30+ Novice
Chuck Heckman, 51 years old, 2017 40+ Expert OTMX Champion and 2018 2nd 50+ Master OTMX














Team Captain: George Ellinger, 62 years old, 
2018  World Vet 60+ Expert 10th Place  – 2017 World Vet  60+ Expert  9th Place , 2015 55+ Intermediate Champion
James Wagner, 40 years old, 
TullieMX 30+ Champion 2017 Kicker Arenacross 30+ Champion 2017
Kodjo Leeds, 40 years old,  WEBE 2017 40+ Champion, 2018 Morarity MX Vet 40+ Champion, 2018 TulieMX Vet 40+ Champion

















Team Captain – Craig Davis, 50 years old, 
2018 World Vet 40+Exp 1st place  2019 Trans AM Vet Classic 45+ Exp 1st
Kris Keefer, 48 years old, 
2018 World Vet 30+ Pro 5th Place
Jeff Loop, 32 years old, 
2018 World Vet +30 Pro 2nd Place – 2019 Loretta Lynn 30+ 2nd Place


















Marcio Campos, 61 years old, 
Raced in the 90’s
Artur Aguiar, 48 years old, 
Racing World Vet 2019 first time




Chad Pojar, 25 years old, 
SwapMoto Series 25+ 1st place
Max Lindenberger, 31 years old, 
2019 1st REM MX – 5th Adelanto GP- 20th Mammoth












Dean Freer, 40 years old, 
2018 Vet B grade Champion for the sunshine state motocross Series