We wanted to share an amazing race story from Nick Luciano, who raced for Team Puerto Rico in the 2020 Dubya World Vet MX Cup of Nations. This was a dream that became a reality this year for Nick! We hope you enjoy reading Nick’s story as much as we did!

“In 1999/2000 I was living in Puerto Rico and I remember watching on TV the Glen Helen Nationals. That year Sebastien Tortelli dominated the Glen Helen Nationals like no other. Coming from behind both motos and beating everyone. It was truly a masters class! From the distance, I always dreamed of racing at Glen Helen.  Little did I know that in 2008 I would come to California and take a day course with Sebastien at Perris Raceway (he owned that track at the time). During those few hours, I realized how little I knew about riding a dirt bike. He told me that if I wanted to improve I had to move to California!  I was living in Colorado at the time and after 12 years of snow and cold weather, I told my wife that we were moving to California! I quit my job and moved here in November 2012! I was living in my RV at an RV Park while I secured a job that would allow me to relocate my family (my wife stayed home in Colorado pregnant with our second child!). Looking back that was insane!  But thank god I secured a great job and we all moved to Menifee in January 2013!

I met Tom White in 2013 during my first World Vet Championships. He was genuine, funny, full of life!  He wanted to know where I was from and I told him I was from Puerto Rico! From that point forward every single time we met he would say “Puerto Ricooo!” Later I formed a team to race the world vet and he started calling me “Team Puerto Ricoooo!”

Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that many years later… (20 years to be exact from the moment I watch on TV the nationals at Glen Helen!!).  I would be racing for Puerto Rico and taking my team to the podium! Standing next to Mike Brown and Doug Dubach! Popping a bottle of champagne and spraying the crowd! Just wanted to share this personal note and give you thanks for everything you guys do for the sport, this great race, and keeping Tom’s legacy alive!”