Event Details

Event Date:  7/31/2022
Triple Crown Summer Series Round 1 by AMSOIL / DBK July 24, 2022 – Glen Helen

Gate Fees $10 per person Sunday Event

Practice $30 per bike/50cc $20 per bike Saturday Practice 8am-2pm

Main Track only – Vet Track will be closed

Camping Friday 2pm-7pm – $2o per night

Camping Saturday 8am-8pm – $20 per night camping

Welcome to the Triple Crown Summer Series by AMSOIL & Dirt Bike Kidz!  We have made some exciting changes to our class structure and schedule for the Summer of 2022.  To beat the heat we will host three events with all counting towards the series end Championship.  All three rounds will be held at Glen Helen Raceway and each race will have a distinctly different layout on the track!

See below for more detailed information on what to expect during race day!

Sunday Practice starts at 8am (short sight laps), Racing around 9:30.

Overnight camping available Friday – Sunday. 

Race entry online fees
1st class $40, 2nd class  $15, 2nd class (Pro $40 for additional classes).

Membership is required for all classes and can be purchased online or at the event for $35 for the year (valid from January 1 to December 31 of the current year) or a 1-day membership is available at $10 for the day. Annual membership includes a free shirt.

Gate Selection

Moto 1: Gate picks will be determined by the order entries are received.

Moto 2: Gate picks will be determined by the finishing order of Moto 1.

Double Gate Drops

If your race moto includes a second gate drop the second drop will happen quickly.  The reason for this is so that the riders on the second gate drop (the slower class of the two on the gate) can get to racing without the risk of being quickly lapped by the first gate drop.  Some tracks offer longer laps than others but the general rule is that you will need to have your rider ready within 30 seconds of the first gate drop.  This means you will not be permitted to prep in front of the gate at all and you will have limited time to prep the rider side of the gate.  Please be prepared and get ready quickly to avoid any delays. Choose a gate with no riders from the first gate drop to give yourself more time.

Electronic Scoring
We use electronic scoring for our races. Transponders will be required for all riders.  You should have your own Transponder as we have been messaging to all racers that they can get their own TR2 MX transponder from MY Laps and avoid all the line at registration.  When you buy a transpoder it comes with a clip and we sell them for $5.00 (our cost) if you need a replacement. They will last for years of use. Having riders pre register and have their own transponder is ideal to having a smoother race day and releasing the race schedule as early as possible.

To Be Eligible For The Series, You must ride 4 of the 5 races to be eligible for Series Points and Prizes. We will take your 4 best races for series end results. Your worst round will be dropped after each event.

NO REFUNDS, a six months race credit will be valid if you miss the event. Just bring a copy of your e-mail conformation/receipt to the next event you come to and you can use it like cash.

Starter classes (50cc, 65cc, 85cc, 125-450cc) are geared towards new racer with around 3 months of racing or less. If there is 5 or more in class, 1st place will get moved out to the next class up in skill. If there is 10 or more, than 1st and 2nd will be moved out to the next class up in skill level for their next race. No series points in starter classes.

Class per engine size 50 Class max at 61cc, 65 Classes max at 65cc, 85 Classes max at 85 cc or 150f, Supermini and Big Wheel max at 112cc or 150f, 125 Classes max at 125cc, 250 Classes max at 250cc, 450 Classes max at 450cc.

No Spectators on the Race Track, except in designated viewing area’s.  Parents spectating on the track may get their rider a DNQ score for the race.


Need help… please email aaron@cmxrs.com we will follow up on emails promptly

You will recieve a $25 discount off your race fee’s below for your 2nd class and 3rd classes. It will show up on the billing page.