Event Details

This event finished on 22 August 2020

Practice 8am-2pm

MX Practice Fees $30 per bike – National and Stadiumcross

$20 per bike – Peewee Track

more info 909-880-3090

National, Vet and Peewee Track

MX Practice Fees $30 per Bike

Pre-Sale Practice Admission Click Here

Practice 8am-2pm

More info 909-880-3090

As you might guess, we have implemented new social distancing guidelines that will help keep riders safe. Those are listed below.


  • No spectators only family members – must come in the same vehicle
  • Voluntary face protection during attendance when not wearing a helmet.
  • No high-risk persons allowed (as determined by health department).
  • Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms is not allowed.
  • Attendees must park vehicles at least 10 feet apart and maintain at least 6 feet between each other at all times inside the park.
  • Number of Attendees may be limited
  • No events or group activities allowed.
  • Bathrooms will be open and available to 1 person at a time. Both have hand wash stations. Bathrooms will be sanitized periodically to maintain cleanliness.
  • All bleachers and seating areas are closed.