Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame

Class of 2018

Jim Bramham Johnny Campbell | Mark McMillin | Robbie Pierce Ed Robinson | Cameron Steele


Jim Bramham

Pioneer – Advocate

“A Walking Encyclopedia” and “Historian Supreme” of institutional OHV knowledge is how one of many letters of recommendation for Jim Bramham refers to this Class of 2018 inductee.

Jim was inducted in the Pioneer – Advocate category, in recognition of his more than thirty years of off-road advocacy work, from his early years as a volunteer to the presidency of the California Four Wheel Drive Association (Cal 4 Wheel), and many roles in between.

During his decades long relationship with Cal 4 Wheel, that continues to this day, Jim has served the Association as event chair, board of directors’ member, and natural resource consultant. Throughout his long history of event leadership and participation, he has helped the organization earn hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund legislative and land-use outreach at every level. His presidency pushed the organization to the forefront of both state and national recognition and respect.  Read more…



Johnny Campbell

Competition – Motorcycle

A record 11 SCORE Baja 1000 titles and an incredible 17 Baja 1000 wins in a row are just two of a long list of impressive statistics that solidify Johnny Campbell’s rightful place in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Johnny is the son of a hard working father, John Campbell Sr, who ran a grading business in San Clemente, California. John enjoyed racing on the weekends, and although he passed away when Johnny was still a teenager, his legacy of hard work and love for racing shaped the man and champion his son would become.

In 1989 Baja came calling. Johnny pre-ran the Baja 1000 with Craig Adams, on a borrowed XR350. The next year he entered his first race, the San Felipe 250. In 1991, Johnny teamed up with champion Baja racer and Honda factory rider Bruce Ogilvie. “It started as pit support and small conversations, and he saw some raw talent in me; a guy who was young and hungry to win with some desire. Bruce called me in 1992 and asked me to ride his Honda XR600 and we finished second overall that year at the SCORE Baja 1000.”  Read more…



Mark McMillin

Competition – Off-Road

Mark joins his late father Corky as the first father and son to be inducted in the Off-Road Hall of Fame, a fitting tribute to the family behind the off-road dynasty that is the Big Blue M.

As part of one of the most storied and successful teams in off-road racing history, Mark’s passion for supporting the industry, for victory, and for setting the highest bar possible – while still making sure he and all around him are having the time of their lives doing it – is a Hall of Fame worthy achievement. This five-time Baja 1000 overall champion enjoyed considerable success behind the wheel, but his real story extends far beyond being a great race car driver.

Mark started his race career more than 40 years ago, driving a borrowed Class 9 car at the 1976 SCORE Baja 1000, a race he would dominate in the 1980s, with a remarkable five overall victories, in 1981, 1983, 1984, 1986 and 1988. Baja was, and continues to be, Mark’s favorite place to race. He also has wins to his credit south of the border at the SCORE Baja 500, SCORE San Felipe 250, and the NORRA Mexican 1000, where he brought his famous “Macadu” Chenowth-Porsche out of retirement for the inaugural event in 2010. That commitment helped influence a great number of other racers to join the vintage off-road movement and create what today is known as “The Happiest Race on Earth.”  Read more…



Robbie Pierce

Pioneer – Industry

They say that nice guys finish last, but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Robbie Pierce. He has combined his competitive spirit for racing with his experience as a pioneer in vehicle safety to create a win-win for the off-road community.

Even when he isn’t the first racer across the finish line, Robbie still wins by gaining valuable first-hand knowledge about the fitment and durability of his products, using that knowledge to develop new and better products.

With a reputation for being able to weld anything and everything while adhering to the most painstaking tolerances, Robbie has impressive resume that includes numerous aerospace assignments. He humbly admits to having ‘just a few’ of his welding projects currently in orbit, circling the planet Earth.

Back down to Earth, Robbie developed the mass production method for welding titanium golf club heads, revolutionizing the golf industry. It was Robbie’s passion for keeping off-road racers safe, however, that would define his career and his legacy.  Read more…

Robbie Pierce photo credit: Vincent Knakal



Ed Robinson

Special Achievement – Organization

In 1975, Ed Robinson was part of a dune buggy club in northern California’s Sacramento valley that had no off-road events on their calendar. That same year, he stepped forward to promote off-road races, founding Valley Off-Road Racing Association, better known as VORRA.

With the help of a local motocross promoter, Ed put together the first year of short course races at venues in Dixon and Plymouth, California. After the first year, Ed went out on his own as the sole proprietor running VORRA.

Ed continued to open new venues in northern California each year, including short course races at Marysville, Baylands Raceway Park in Fremont, Hollister Hills, Placerville Speedway and Prairie City in Sacramento. Desert racing became part of the schedule in VORRA’s second year, with the first event near the tiny town of Weeks in the neighboring state of Nevada. Ed continued to expand VORRA’s desert racing program in Nevada, adding races in Yerington, Reno, Dayton, Fernley, Fallon, Lovelock, Hawthorne, and the historic Comstock in Virginia City.  Read more…



Cameron Steele

Pioneer – Advocate

Long before social media, Cameron Steele was doing social media. He is one of one of off-road’s early cross over pioneers, sharing his love for desert racing, adventure travel, and all things Baja with the world outside of the off-road community.  Johnny Campbell calls him “Baja’s biggest ambassador.”  Dan and Luke McMillin call him “Mr. Baja.”  Baja United Group dubbed him the “Baja Game Changer.” Whatever nickname you give him, no one represents the sport of off-road racing better than the Desert Assassin himself Cameron Steele.

Cameron’s love for Baja started with family trips in the 1970s. He was just two years old when he made his first journey south of the border.

“My future includes a lot of Baja. It’s a magical place,” Cameron said. “Once you race at Baja, it just gets in your blood. Some kids want to win the Indy 500, but I’ve always loved Baja. It’s like chasing a dream. Baja just draws you back again and again.”

Cameron is well known for his #16 Desert Assassins Trophy Truck. He chose the number 16 as an ode to his roots racing limited cars with 1600cc engines.  He is perhaps equally as well known for his Desert Assassins Baja lifestyle events like ‘Rip to Cabo’, ‘Trail of Missions,’ and the ‘Baja Beach Bash’ that he hosts with fellow 2018 Hall of Fame inductee Johnny Campbell.   Read more…

Cameron Steele photo courtesy of Mad Media