36th Annual Dubya World Vet MX Championships


Dubya World Vet Race Schedule

Pre-Entries go online August 1, 2020


Dubya World Vintage MX Championships – Friday Nov 6th Vet Track 

Dubya World Vet MX –TWO DAYS – Pre-Entries Sat and Sunday  Nov 7-8

Dubya World Vet MX – Pre-Entries Saturday Only Nov 7th (Warm Up Day) 

Dubya World Vet MX -Pre-Entries Sunday Only Nov 8th  (World Vet Championship Day)

Entry Fees:                          

Pre- Entry Fees Friday Vintage Race $50/$30 Second Clas

Post-Entry Fees Friday Race Race $70/$50 Second Class

Pre–Entry Fees  Sat and Sun $100/$90 Second class Sat and Sat

Post-Entry for Sat and Sun$150/$140 Second Class Sat and Sun

Pre-Entry Saturday  Only $70/$60 Second Class one day only

Post-Entry Saturday Only $90/$80 Second Class One day only

Pre-Entry Sunday Only $70/$60 Second Class one day only

Post-Entry Sunday Only $90/$80 Second Class One day only


Event Dates:                                           November 6-8. 2020

Location:                                                 Glen Helen Raceway

18585 Verdemont Ranch Road

San Bernardino, CA  92404

Admin: 909-384-9342

Track: 909-880-3090

Email:                                                      lori@glenhelen.com

Website:                                                 https://www.worldvetmx.com/

Gate Hours: 

Thurs November 5th                               8am-8pm                                        

Friday November 6th                              6am-10pm

Saturday November 7th                          5:30am-9pm

Sunday November 8th  –                        5:30-6pm


Gate Fees:                                                 $20 per person Weekend

                                                                      $10 per night camping

                                                                       $30 per bike


Friday November 6th                              Dubya World Vet MX Practice 9am-1pm – National Track

Practice sessions will be as follows:

+25 – 49 ALL                            9:00am to 9:30am

+50 – up   ALL                          9:30am to 10:00am

+25 – 49 ALL                            10:00am to 10:30am

+50 – up   ALL                          10:30am to 11:00am

+25 – 49 ALL                            11:00am to 11:30am

+50 – up   ALL                          11:30am to 12:00pm

+25 – 49 ALL                            12:00pm to 12:30pm

+50 – up   ALL                          12:30pm to 1:00pm


Friday November 6th                              Dubya World MX Vintage Championship – Vet Track (ALL NEW)

Practice 9am

Racing 10:30am

Pre-Entries go online August 1, 2019

Entry Fee                                                Pre-Entry $50/Second Class $30

                                                                    Post Entry $70/Second Class $50


Saturday November 7th Race Day 1

Entry Fees: $100 Pre –Entry for both days (Sat/Sun)/$90 Second class

$140 Post-Entry for both days (Sat/Sun)/$120 Second class

$70 Pre-Entry one day only/$50 Second Class one day only

$90 Post Entry one day only/$70 Second Class one day only


*Each day is separate day of racing –Sunday is the World Vet

Championship Day

All Amateur classes +25 –up and 40+ , 50+  and PASHA 125 30+ Pro Purse

Gates open:                                                             5:30am

Sign-up:                                                                   6:00am-3:00pm

Practice:                                                                   7:00am

Amateur Racing                                                      8:30am-4:30pm

40+ Pro Moto 1                                                       10:00am

50+ Pro Moto 1                                                       12:00pm

40+ Pro Moto 2                                                       1:00pm

50+ Pro Moto 2                                                       2:00pm

(Entire Race Schedule will be posted by October 15th)

Practice Sessions as Follows:


#              Class                        Skill                                         .

1              Open Practice         All Skills

2              30+, 40+, 50+, 60+  Exp/Int

3              50+,60+, 70+         Novice (+70 All)

4              25+, 35+, 45+, 55+   Novice

5              30+, 40+, Women   Novice (All Women)

6              25+,35+, 45+, 55+  Int/Exp

7              40+ , 50+                 Pro

Sunday,November 8th CHAMPIONSHIP DAY!!!

Entry Fees: $60 Pre-Entry one day only/$40 Second Class one day only

$80 Post Entry one day only/$60 Second Class one day only


*Each day is separate day of racing –Sunday is World Vet Championship Day

All Amateur classes – +30 –up ,+30 Pro, Pasha+50 125  and  Dubya Vet World Cup of Nations

Gates open:                                                             5:30am

Sign-up:                                                                   6:00am-3:00pm

Practice:                                                                   7:00am

Amateur Racing                                                      8:30am-4:30pm

*Dubya World Cup of Nations Moto 1               9:30am

+30 Pro Moto                                                          10:30am

Edison Dye Award Presentation                           12:00pm

(Glen Helen Museum)

*Dubya World Cup of Nations Moto 2                1:00pm

+30 Pro Moto                                                           2:00pm

(Entire Race Schedule will be posted by October 31st)


Practice Sessions as Follows:

#              Class                                        Skill                                         .

1              Open Practice                             All Skills

2              30+,40+,50+,60+                 Exp/Int

3            50+,60+,70+                       Novice (+70 All)

4              35+,45+,55+                           Novice

5             30+,40+ Women                   Novice (All Women)

6             35+, 45+,55+                         Int/Exp

7              30+                                             Pro


Don’t miss the beat, race day action will be broadcasting live all day long, just tune your FM radio to 90.9 in the pits and you’ll be set!


More event information can be found at www.WorldVetMX.com


**NOTE:  All Pre-Entrants and Post-Entrants MUST check-in at the Sign-up tower located at the north end of the track if you do not have your own transponders or did not provide transponder number when you pre-registered. There will be a $40 charge for transponder rental. Please bring your Drivers License, Passport, or credit card to leave as a security deposit.  We encourage you to purchase your own transponder. Purchase transponders in advance at http://mxtransponder.com/. You can then enter your transponder number when you register and save a ton of time race day morning.

Live Scoring www.glenhelen.com/results


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