Here are the Cup Race Rules for 2023: 

1. To be deemed a valid representative of a country, the rider must possess and present an official birth certificate or passport from the country being represented.
2. All 3 riders should be from the country they are representing, however, a minimum of 2 riders on the team must meet criteria of rule #1. If 1 of the riders is not from the country you are representing or cannot provide an official birth certificate or passport, there will be a 5-point penalty assessed to your overall finish points for each moto.
3. Racing consists of 2 motos, 1st on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday. Points are scored based on finishing position within each age group. A country whose team finished 1st in the 30+, 1st in the 40+ and 1st in the 50+ would have a team total of 3 points for the moto. The country team with the lowest score of both motos combined will be the overall World Vet Cup of Nations Championship team.
4. Each team will consist of 3 riders who meet the age requirements to participate in the 30+, 40+, and 50+ classes.  Any rider 30 and over can fill the 30+ spot on the team. Only riders 40 and over can fill the 40+ spot on the team and only riders over 50 can fill the 50+ spot on the team.
5. Country race bibs will be provided to each rider of the country being represented. Failure to wear your bib will result in a 5-point penalty for your team.

We look forward to the World Cup application process to begin June 2023!

~The Glen Helen Race Committee