2020 Dubya World Vet MX Championships BOXO Toolbox Raffle!

Thanks to BOXO all riders will have a chance to win a Motobox 2.0 toolbox at the Dubya World Vet MX Championships. All entries will receive a raffle ticket at the time of sign-up or at check-in to have a chance to win!
Check-in/Sign-up Hours (Main registration tower on the National Track):

Thursday, November 5    12pm – 5pm
Friday, November 6         8am-4pm
Saturday, November 7     6am-4pm
Sunday, November 8       6am-12pm

Pre-Enter Here

Don’t forget to pre-enter to save money. The winner will be announced on Sunday, November 8 right before the Edison Dye Award Presentation at the main registration tower. We hope to see you at the 2020 Dubya World Vet Championships on Friday, November 6 to Sunday, November 8!