Join us as 3 Bros Racing and Glen Helen Raceway present the 24-Hour Endurance Race, the final round of the 3-part endurance race series on Saturday, November 21 to Sunday, November 22.
The 24-Hour Endurance race is the only one in the country that will give riders all types of terrain from motocross tracks, washes, single trails, and pavement. The 10-mile track layout will give riders a challenging adventure for this grueling event!
Come and get your pit locations on Friday, November 18, gates open from 12pm-8pm! Gates will re-open on Saturday, November 21, at 6 am and will remain open until the event is over. Be up by 6 am on Sunday for the second annual pancake feed! The gate fee is $20 per person and camping is $10 per night. We can’t wait to see you this weekend!
Entry Fees
Pre-entry $300 per team / Post Entry $400 per team
Pro Teams pre-entry $400 / Post Entry $500 per team
Ironman pre-entry $150 / Post entry $220
Save $$$ and pre-enter! Pre-entries close on November 20 at 12am.
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