The 3 Bros 10-Hour Endurance Race is only 9 days away! This is an incredible series to race, spectate, or be a part of the all-important pit crew.

The event will begin promptly at 4pm on Saturday and end at 2am on Sunday. If you have registered to race, be prepared to bring your lights and reflectors. This year’s event will incorporate steep uphills, wide-open sections, new off-road trails, and smooth asphalt roads for riders of all ages and skill levels to compete.

The 3 Bros 10-Hour Endurance Race runs as the second of the three-race series which also features the 6-hour and the 24-hour races. We previously hit a record number of entries during the 3 Bros 6-Hour Endurance Race; let’s break that record this time around with more entries and more fun! This event is also a great opportunity to practice for the upcoming 3 Bros 24-Hour Endurance Race in October. Whether you’re racing or spectating, these team and ironman races are exciting and always a blast to experience.

Additionally, we welcome everyone attending the event to join us for our traditional breakfast that will run from 12am to 1:30am at the Glen Helen Museum. Take a break, relax, and treat yourself to freshly cooked pancakes, brewed coffee, orange juice, fruit, snacks, and more!

Gates will be open on Friday from 2pm to 8pm and will reopen at 8am on Saturday. Gate fees are $10 per person and $10 per night for camping. We hope to see you and your team here for this one-of-a kind event!

Pre-Registration     Post-Registration
$200 per team     $240 per team
$100 per ironman    $150 per ironman

Pre-register today to save up to $50!!!