Last weekend marked a historic milestone for Glen Helen Raceway as we hosted the 2023 3Bros 24-Hour Endurance Race. It was nothing short of a huge success, and we’re happy to announce the record-breaking attendance for this year’s race which we owe to all of you, our great motocross family. The fall weather made for good riding conditions, with only a slight curve ball from the Santa Ana winds over Saturday night / early Sunday.The future of Glen Helen Raceway has never looked brighter, and our excitement for what lies ahead continues to grow with each passing event we’re lucky enough to put on. We appreciate everyone who rallied 24 hours to support this grueling race. It’s your dedication that fuels the spirit of this event, and we’re thankful for your commitment to the sport of motocross. To the riders who pushed their bodies and bikes to the absolute limit, enduring 24 hours of relentless action, we salute you for your spirit and determination.

The 2023 3Bros 24-Hour Endurance Race broke records with over 350 riders in attendance, & over 1,100 Pancakes Served! 🥞

As we reflect on this successful weekend, we’re left with a profound sense of anticipation for our future races. Glen Helen Raceway is on an upward trajectory, and it’s all thanks to the incredible community that makes it all possible. We can’t wait to see what the future holds, and we look forward to sharing every moto moment with you all. Thank you for being an essential part of the Glen Helen Raceway family!2023 3Bros 24-Hour Endurance RaceTotal Entries: 78Total Riders: 351Ironman Class: 16 RacersTrack Distance: 10.5 MilesAvg Lap Time: 20 Mins 52 SecFastest Pro Lap: 18 Mins 18 SecAvg Pro Speed: 30.2 MphTotal Miles Raced by Pro Team: 724.5Pancakes Served: 1,125Gallons of Syrup: 10

A big thanks to 3Bros Racing for sponsoring this years Endurance Race Series!














The much-anticipated 39th Annual Dubya World Vet MX Championships have arrived, and the excitement is quickly growing. This weekend, riders hailing from every corner of the world will converge on the Glen Helen Raceway track, gearing up for this iconic annual event. Teams from across the globe have registered to partake in this grand spectacle of MX racing with the hopes of taking the World Vet MX Cup of Nations Championship back for their country. We are looking forward to having everyone there with us for this years event and hope to see many of our familiar moto community there in support, as well as traveling riders from all around. Stay tuned for one of the most exciting weekends of motocross action at this year’s 39th Annual Dubya World Vet MX Championships!


Troy Lee to Accept the 2023 Edison Dye Motocross Lifetime Achievement Award at the 39th Annual Dubya World Vet MX Championships




Tuesday, October 31stGates Open 9am-5pmMX Practice – National, Arroyo Vet,Stadiumcross and Stacyc Track(NO 50cc Bikes allowed on the National Track)9am-5pm$30 per Bike$10 per StacycTruck Track Practice – Truck Track9am-4pm$30 per Quad or VehicleWednesday, November 1stGates Open 2pm-8pmWorld Vet Entry BeginsOvernight Camping$20 per Person / $20 per Night Thursday, November 2ndGates Open 7am-8pmMX Practice – National, Arroyo Vet,Stadiumcross and Stacyc Track(NO 50cc Bikes allowed on the National Track)8am-2pm$30 per Bike$10 per StacycMini Night – Stadiumcross Track5pm-8pm$20 per BikeOvernight Camping$20 per Person / $20 per Night Fri – Sat – SunNovember 3rd – 5th